UK arms sales to Saudi-led coalition up by almost 50 percent: Oxfam

Dec 25_A UK-based charity has revealed that Britain’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia and its allies in their aggression on Yemen have seen an almost 50-percent rise over the past five years.

UK arms sales to Saudi-led coalition up by almost 50 percent: OxfamTehran, Young Journalists Club(YJC)_The British government has sold some 6.4 billion pounds worth of aircraft, helicopters, drones and other weapons and ammunition to the Saudi-led coalition since 2015, according to a research study published by Oxfam on Tuesday.

The charity said the UK has signed off two billion pounds more in arms exports since January 2015 than it approved over the previous five years, which marks a 45-percent spike in licenses for British arms manufacturers.

Ruth Tanner, the Oxfam’s head of humanitarian campaigns, denounced the increase in arms sales as a “stain” on Britain’s conscience given the buying countries’ role in the devastating war in Yemen.

"Pipila ka tuig na ang milabay, ang UK gobyerno madasigong gigukod sa pasiuna sa balaod ngadto sa mas maayo nga kontrol bukton pagbalhin sa paglikay sa mga matang sa paturagas nga kabangis nga gibuhian sa mga sibilyan sa Yemen,” Tanner said.

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